Support Us

Thank you for the tools and training support. It has given us a life chance.

Stephen Christmas,
Carpentry and building training, Uganda

You can play a part in achieving our mission – reducing poverty in Africa through enabling people to earn a decent living.

There are many ways that you can change the lives of people in some of the poorest communities in Africa, empowering them with the skills and equipment to change their lives. You could make a donation, support us with tools, give your time as a volunteer, or come along to one of our events.

You could also fundraise on our behalf – not only does fundraising generate much needed income to continue our work, it also raises awareness of Tools for Self Reliance, and encourages other people to support us, helping us to plan for the future.

We know that the tools and training we provide have a real impact on people’s lives. It isn’t just that they can earn a living and make material changes for themselves and their families – it is the sense of renewed confidence and self esteem that having a skill and a livelihood can bring. Peter Rukiramahe trained as a builder with Tools for Self Reliance. He told us being able to support himself makes him feel like a different person.

“I can now hold my head high within the community, and some of the younger boys look up to me and ask me advice.”

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