Getting your company involved

At Tools for Self Reliance, we have been working for over 40 years to improve the lives of vulnerable people in our partner countries in Africa.

Our core aim is to build sustainable livelihoods for people in poverty by providing vocational training, quality tools linked to their trade, we also provide business skills and in some cases start-up capital to help our graduates set up their businesses.

We’re looking for like minded people and companies, to support this vital work. Together, we can work in partnership to deliver vital business opportunities to help others out of poverty.

Get involved  

If you or your company want to get involved, we want to hear from you. Whether that’s providing equipment for our projects, making a donation, offering up auction prizes, volunteering in our expert workshop, sponsoring an event or becoming our partner of the year. Your involvement is in your hands, and we’d love an extra pair of hands to be a part of our work, so pop Lauren an email  or call 02380 869697, to see what will work for your company and employees.

You can visit our workshop where we refurbish high quality hand and trade tools. The workshop is full of our volunteers, many are expert engineers and trades people who, upon retiring, have dedicated their expertise to our cause.

Get stuck in

At your visit, you can build a crate and pack tools that will be shipped to our training Partners in Africa. You can practice your team building skills, by working together to ensure we have packed all that is needed for each trade. You will also have the chance to meet one of our African Partners on a live Zoom call, so they can tell you how our training impacts others, as well as a Q&A session, to answer any of your questions.

So, if you or your team, would like to find out more, and find out how you can give a hand on, practical support to people in Africa, please get in touch.

Email or by call on 02380 869697

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