Tool Sharpening Service

In an effort to keep quality tools in use, providing them a longer lease of life and reducing items sent to landfill, we have launched a new weekly sharpening service.  Each item is lovingly, and expertly refurbished by our volunteers at Netley Marsh, Hampshire, and supported across the UK by some of our refurbishing groups.

We know that many of you have tools out there, which have been in the family for years. Rather than throwing them away, we want to help you with your next project, gardening adventure, or crafting activity. So bring in your lawnmower blade, your shears, your saw and even your sewing scissors. Our expert craftsmen and women in our workshop can sharpen them for competitive rates. 



And, what’s more, every tool brought and sharpened here, opens up a new opportunity for someone in Africa. Just like the BrightSparks auto mechanic repair business (pictured here) in Sierra Leone.

To find out more about our Tool Sharpening Service email and for our price list click here: Tool Sharpening Prices.



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