Sierra Leone

Why Here

After a long and bloody civil war Sierra Leone is slowly recovering. But poverty and unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, are major challenges. Although it has made some progress Sierra Leone remains near the bottom of the UN’s human development index.

The Government of Sierra Leone is keen to encourage the small business sector which is where Tools for Self Reliance comes in. Working with trusted partner organisations with local expertise we provide practical training and tools to help young people start up their own businesses.

The young people at the centre of our efforts include war orphans and street children and those left physically scarred as a result of the war. But we support other vulnerable groups too, including women’s groups and people living with disabilities.

Our Partners

We work with a network of partners in Sierra Leone who support some of the most vulnerable people in society. We also encourage our partners to work together to pool their expertise and share their ideas. Here are the organisations with whom we currently work.

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Baptist Women's Union

The Baptist Women’s Union supports women’s projects right across Sierra Leone by helping groups plan their activities and get funding, and by providing them with skills training.



Craftshare, Sierra Leone offers comprehensive training to single parents, students from poor families, school drop outs and those who have suffered from abuse. To ensure the best possible chance of success, students are monitored closely when they complete their training and offered additional training if they need it.

Read about their  Sustainable Livelihoods for Unemployed Youths project

Educational Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Educational Centre for the Blind and Visually impaired is an inclusive technical and vocational training institute for the blind and visually impaired, physically challenged and the general able bodied community within the western rural area.

Future Focus Foundation

Future Focus Foundation is a volunteer oriented community based organisation established in 2008 working in rural communities in eastern Sierra Leone, promoting social justice, equal opportunities and human rights through advocacy and livelihood initiative programmes.

Read about their Enhancing Job Opportunities for Vulnerable Young People in Kenema project

Mobility Sierra Leone

Mobility Sierra Leone is based in Bo, southern province, and aims to enhance the quality of life for those with disabilities, their families and other disadvantaged communities. The organisation achieves this through producing appropriate wheelchairs and other mobility devices and also training people how to make these and maintain and repair them.

Read more about their Youth Livelihoods Development Programme project from 2017-2018

Potential Partners

We are currently not seeking any new partners within our Sierra Leone programme, so will not be accepting any partnership requests for the time being – we will update the website when this changes

In five years time, with my farming and tailoring, I will be a powerful business woman

Clara Chabula,
Blessings Tailoring Group, Zambia

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