Developing a welding business

Tii Yenkurug was working when he joined a Tools for Self Reliance training programme, but his income was low and he struggled to meet the basic needs of his family.

He trained as a blacksmith, including learning business and financial management, and was supported to set up his own business. After starting his business, he quickly saw opportunities to develop, and with the extra money he made, learnt welding and purchased three welding machines.

An eye for expansion.

This has hugely expanded the range of services he can offer – from making products and taking custom orders, to carrying out repairs, Tii has a growing customer base including a contract with a local school. His eye for expansion didn’t stop with adding welding to his portfolio – he has recently bought some land and a pressure washer, and is about to open a car wash.

Tii can now provide for his family, and meet all their essential expenses. Three of his children are attending school, he has built his family a four bedroomed house, and he is helping his brother go to technical college. This gives him huge satisfaction, and he speaks with pride of his good reputation within the local community.

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The trustees were engaged by the charity’s ability to the benefit individuals both in the UK and abroad. In doing so the impact of the donation was doubled!

David Breach,
The Albion Trust

Developing a welding business

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