Anass Alhassan

Anass was working as a farm labourer before taking part in a Tools for Self Reliance training programme, in partnership with NORSACC. This work was unreliable and low paid, and Anass couldn’t plan for the future or save any money.

He trained in bicycle repair, and once he completed the course, set up his own business. At the beginning, he was repairing 5-8 bikes a week – now it is over 30. He has built a good reputation with his high quality work, and is saving money to open a larger shop.

He told us “I can now buy things for myself. I no longer have to rely on others.” Anass said he can now plan for the future, and even think about getting married – knowing that he will be able to provide for his family.

Good business training means you know where you started and you know where you're going

Janet Zulu,
Lets Work Together Tailoring Group

Anass Alhassan

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