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Eutropia Mbunda

Eutropia Mbunda started her group in 2010. Currently there are 6 members, all female, of which 4 are trainees. They make a variety of clothes which they sell from the shop or through local markets. Eutropia attended the training and remembers learning about entrepreneurship, record keeping, marketing, customer care and health issues including HIV. Some of the topics were new to her, others she was familiar with. She passed on what she had learned to her colleagues and they are applying it – they are keeping records of sales, expenditure and profit . They have not yet registered their business but are busy looking for new markets, including sending children’s clothes to the villages for sale.

The group received two hand sewing machines as part of the training, and the quality of these machines means that their work has improved, and they have increased their income. Eutropia says she “feels strengthened” by the machines and the training. They aspire to buying a zigzag machine and moving into larger premises in the future.

Having employment makes me feel proud and has given me confidence.

William Chimweza,
Welding group, Malawi

Eutropia Mbunda

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