Sierra Leone

Edith Bockarie

Edith and her husband were living with their children in her parents home when she joined a training course with Craftshare, a partner of Tools for Self Reliance. She wasn’t working, and had had to drop out of school when she was expecting her first child. She signed up to learn auto-mechanics after hearing about the course on the radio, but faced resistance at home. Edith’s husband thought she didn’t need an education, and didn’t want her to do the training. When she made it clear she was determined to go ahead, he left her. Although Edith said it is hard to manage by herself, she knows that she can support her family with her new skills.

“I already know how to maintain and repair various engines. I can work on a car’s clutch, gearbox, tyres, and brakes. I know how to avoid HIV and AIDS, and when it comes to business management, I know how to handle money. I’ve got to use the capital to build my business, and charge costs according to the price of spare parts, what the job is, and how long it’ll take to fix. I’ve really enjoyed the work so far, especially making new friends, getting new ideas, and being able to give my own.”

It has improved my self confidence by giving me an opportunity, knowledge, and a skill

Catherine Mumfunte,
Ebineza Tailoring Group

Edith Bockarie

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