Sierra Leone

Aruna Mattia

Aruna now passes on his knowledge to others as an electrical trainer with local organisation Craftshare, in Sierra Leone – after taking part in a training project they ran in partnership with Tools for Self Reliance several years ago.

He was living in Bo with his family, unemployed and unable to afford further education. He heard about the training on the radio, and knew straight away that he wanted to be involved. He enjoyed the positive atmosphere of the course, and after graduation, set up a business with fellow trainees. He also wanted to help change the lives of other young people, so he became a trainer with Craftshare. In his first year, he was responsible for training 12 men and 3 women, all of whom passed their training.He said of his work with Craftshare, “we are helping to change people’s lives.”

Good business training means you know where you started and you know where you're going

Janet Zulu,
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Aruna Mattia

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