Sauda Mamatovu

Sauda is one of a family of six, and was the only one of her siblings working when she joined a Tools for Self Reliance training course, delivered in partnership with the Single Parents Association of Uganda (SPAU). She wanted to learn a lifelong skill which would provide her with a good income, and she chose tailoring.

When she has saved enough money, Sauda plans to start her own business, using the techniques she learnt in the business skills training part of the course – record keeping, and costing items. In the meantime, she is working as a tailor in the SPAU centre – the organisation were able to secure several contracts to provide school uniforms and graduation gowns, enabling graduates to practice their trade and earn money while they save the capital to start up on their own. She also says she looks after her health better as a result of the health awareness and life skills part of the course – she now sleeps under a mosquito net to reduce the risk of malaria.

Sauda is now looking to the future – in five years time, she would like to be running her own successful business, and be training others, passing on the skills she has learnt to help other people earn an income.

In five years time, with my farming and tailoring, I will be a powerful business woman

Clara Chabula,
Blessings Tailoring Group, Zambia

Sauda Mamatovu

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