Your messages of support hand delivered to Ghana

Your postcards placed in the hands of graduate trainees

Last Christmas you took pen to paper and wrote generously with your words of encouragement to graduates as they embark on establishing their enterprises having just finished their vocational training programme.


“Doing the training has restored my hope” Sualisu Alhassan

Sualisu is a carpenter who trained with NORSAAC and has continued to work with his master to add to his knowledge and build up a customer case. He would like to set up his own business soon.

Forced to leave school after his parents could no longer afford to send him, and having not worked before, Sualisu had only ever used a hammer before – now he can make “doors, door frames, roofing, table, chair, bench – anything”.

“Initially I just use to sit and wonder why I couldn’t do anything and this has restored my hope that I can do something on my own.”


“Now I am proud.” Josephine Doh

When she was a child, Josephine, aged 20, wanted to be fashion designer. She finished school after Junior High but wasn’t working before she started her 12 month tailoring training with our Ghana partner Street Girls AID.

Today she is using all of her skills she learnt to run her successful business. Working Monday to Friday, 9 hours a day she is very busy working with up to 10 customers per day! When we met her before midday she had already received five!

A busy month will provide her with £45 which she has used to buy additional food, pay the rent and bills, childcare for her son and she has invested back into her business.


“If you’re your own businessman, your opportunity goes to the sky. Yahaya

Yahaya, 25 years old trained in masonry with NORSAAC and today continues to work with the master craftsman that he trained with.

Having never been to school as there wasn’t one in his rural community in Ghana, his training opportunity has equipped him with the skills so he can now plaster, lay blocks, lay foundations and flooring.

He uses his new income to support his wife, five year old twins and six month old baby.

In the future he hopes of having his own shop and will be training other people in the community.


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