The value of business skills

August 2019

L-R: Thomas, Violet, Memory, Bertha, Ally and Fanny - One Love Tailoring Group

L-R: Thomas, Violet, Memory, Bertha, Ally and Fanny – One Love Tailoring Group

The vocational training equips a trainee with skills of a trade.

The tools equip a new trainee to establish their own enterprise

And the business skills training provides valuable knowledge to make their enterprise a success!

All of our vocational training projects include business workshop skills to equip and boost the confidence of trainees. Skills including how to successfully price up a job, and factor in a competitive profit margin, know basic book-keeping skills, how to market their products and provide good customer service, as well as saving for the future.


One Love tailoring Group, Malawi

Fanny Banda, One Love Tailoring Group

Memory, Violet, Fanny, Thomas and Bertha trained to become tailors with our Malawian partner, YOHAD last year. Today they continue to find the business skills valuable.  Learning how to market their skills to the local community and, cost items efficiently has supported them to boost their income.

They shared how, a chitengi costing K2,000 (approx. £2.25) will make 3 childrens dresses which they could sell for K4,500 (approx. £5).The remaining K2,500 the group are putting into a monthly savings pot that they all take a salary from. The group then use the left-over savings to buy materials for future jobs.


Kwabena Akaledru, age 18 trained in shoe repairing skills with partner TRAX in Ghana

Kwabena Akaledru, age 18, seen in the photo on the right, and Joseph Mort age 22, seen in the photo below, trained with partner TRAX in Ghana.

Kwabena and Joseph trained in shoe repairing skills with our partner TRAX in Ghana. When we met them in August they shared that prior to the training they didn’t have the knowledge that the workshop taught them.  They learnt how to attract customers and provide good customer service, respect their masters and manage their work load in a safe way has really helped them set up their business.

“Training through an apprenticeship means I can be something.” Kwabena

Joseph Mort, shoe repair graduate from Ghana

They explained that they also learnt about savings and have since joined Village Savings and Loan Association groups (VSLAs).


You can read more about VSLAs on TRAX website here.


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