Shipment sets sail for Malawi

As we draw 2023 to a close, we are excited to send our last shipment of the year. It’s scheduled to leave Southampton port on Christmas eve no less!

For months our volunteers have been working hard to collect tool donations from across the UK and carefully restore them to prime condition. Now, thanks to support from donors, our tools are headed to projects in Malawi to help a new cohort of trainees in trades.

From tailoring to agriculture, our new vocational training projects are seeking to prepare our trainees for a bright future, building financial resilience and entering employment as empowered colleagues and business leaders.






We waved goodbye to 3 shipments of tools in 2023 and we know we couldn’t have done it without our loyal supporters. From grant makers to regular givers, every pound has enabled us to prepare these shipments and most importantly get them to people and projects that matter.

You support means our vocational training can deliver lasting difference to our graduates across Africa. From your time, to sponsorship, to skills sharing and speaking – we are very grateful.

To find out more about ways in which you can support us, head here.

Thank you.

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