Breaking Barriers in Welding

“I am going to be successful. I know what I want to do now, and I know I can do it.”


Margaret is 28 years old. She lives in Waterloo in Sierra Leone and has high hopes of becoming a successful welder. She is just about to graduate with our partners ECBVI in Grafton town alongside four male colleagues.

She joined the welding course because she wants to prove just what young women in Sierra Leone can achieve! She is determined to show that women can do the hard work just like men and she says, “maybe even do it better!”

Margaret was concerned that there wasn’t enough opportunity for people like her. She left school aged 18 and was at home unsure of what to do with her life but knew she wanted to do more.

Building her future

But then she found our partner ECBVI who advertised the training opportunity locally. Women like Margaret can often struggle to access opportunities for trade courses, but working with ECBVI and with your support, we’re removing the barriers to success. Margaret was able to enrol on the welding course in October 2021.

After a year on our project with business skills training, vocational skills training and life skills training Margaret is now looking forward to establishing her small business in Grafton town. She wants to make a better life for herself and build “a happy future”. Thanks to the support from our supporters, this is now possible.

Margaret’s passion is clear – it shines out from her face and you can hear the determination in her voice when she says she is going to be a successful business woman. She travels over an hour every day, even walking much of the distance to ensure she never misses a day’s training. She loves using her hands and her new skills to make something that others can use.

Striving for success

She is hopeful for her future. She told us “I am going to be successful. I know what I want to do now, and I know I can do it.”

In one year, Margaret has built herself a future.  As she graduates with a formal welding qualification, she is hopeful, and feels she has a purpose. She wants to prove herself to her community and family. If you would like to support more people like Margaret click here to donate.  

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