Harvest Appeal 2021

“COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives and the way we work has changed.” Street Girls Aid, Ghana

Sowing the seeds of change in 2021  


Make this Harvest a life changing one, and enable more people to build a sustainable and resilient livelihood through tools and training.

Being able to earn an income has never been more important to the families we work with in Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia. The effect of lockdowns and restrictions have been devastating – eating away at the resilience it has taken families years to build up. RICAP, our partners in Zambia, have told us many households they work with are down to only one meal a day as a result of reduced income.

In northern Ghana, heavily reliant on subsistence agriculture, many families have been unable to sell their excess food as normal because of limitations on market gatherings. Some families have sold land to raise much needed cash, but now cannot grow as much food. These are incredibly difficult choices to have to make for your family, with very limited options.

Learning a skill and earning an income through sustainable self employment means more choices, and the family can save and invest in other ways to make money – such as raising poultry. This Harvest, your fundraising can mean more people training in practical trades such as carpentry, welding and tailoring, and being equipped with a set of high quality tools, donated and refurbished in the UK.

We’d love to support your congregation’s fundraising activities. Please do get in touch with us to tell us about your plans, or request resources, such as additional posters or leaflets. We can also offer presentations via Zoom, an opportunity to learn more about our work and how together we can make a difference. You can also download more copies of our Harvest Appeal poster here

You can contact us to request additional materials by emailing lauren@tfsr.org.

You can pay in your Harvest fundraising here

You can also use the donation form and envelope included in your appeal pack, or call us on 023 80869697 for more ways to pay. 

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