Electrical Installer going against the current

Pemphero Nkhoma has just completed her training in Electrical Installation at the training centre in Nkhotokota run by our partner Youth Code in Malawi.

She left school in the small coastal town at the height of the pandemic, and although her hometown remains a busy and developing location, choices for young school leavers are few.  Her story is an example of courage and resilience as she pursues a career in a largely male-dominated profession.

Pemphero Nkhoma is training in Electrical Installation

Pemphero Nkhoma is training in Electrical Installation

At the start of her course, Pemphero was one of 5 women in a group of 15 trainee electricians.  A year on, she is one of only two who have completed the initial training.  Dropout rates are often higher amongst women, who may feel that their opportunities for finding work will be limited due to gender bias, or who lack support from friends, family and male peers already employed in the industry.

Pemphero is training under the guidance of Naomi Chaguzika, herself a previous student of electrical installation.  Having a strong role model has helped Pemphero gain confidence that with hard work and determination she can achieve her ambitions.

Pemphero (left) and Naomi (right)

Pemphero (left) and Naomi (right)

Pemphero began her training fixing small domestic items such as kettles and torches but now she is able to wire a house.  She is just starting a six-month work placement, after which she will train for a further four-months before sitting exams to gain a nationally recognised TEVETA Level 2 qualification.

Pemphero plans to go into business with her friends and set up a workshop in Nkhotakota.  With lots of new homes being built, there is a need for skilled electrical installers in this community.

Equipped with business and practical skills that are in-demand, Pemphero is confident that she will find employment and be able to help support herself and her family.



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