Matuvu Garven

Matuvu is 25 and single with no children. He was working on his family farm with no income when he joined a Tools for Self Reliance and YOHAD training course to improve his prospects and earning potential. He chose carpentry, and learnt to make office desks, doors, coffee tables, cutting and planing, and how to use tools. Matuvu struggled at first to use the tools, but found learning in a group helped.

He also learnt the essential business skills needed to make his own enterprise profitable – such as costing materials, and calculating profit. He enjoyed the health awareness sessions too, especially learning about the impact of anxiety. He was so interested in the topic that he has become a mental health facilitator for YOHAD.

He has also been busy setting up a carpentry group with other graduates, and they are starting to earn a profit to support their families. Mavutu said he now feels like he has something in his life, and looks forward to growing his business.


In five years time, with my farming and tailoring, I will be a powerful business woman

Clara Chabula,
Blessings Tailoring Group, Zambia

Matuvu Garven

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