Foundation for Community and Capacity Development (FOCCAD)

FOCCAD are a Malawian not for profit community based organisation aiming to create social change for marginalised groups through a rights based approach to programmes and development. The organisation was founded by energetic young people in Nkhotakota District, and they work with local people to support them in responding to their own problems through the provision of basic and key services, capacity building, and mentoring.

Tools for Self Reliance and FOCCAD worked together to run a one year project aimed at enabling poor and vulnerable women and orphan headed households in Nkhotakota District to learn skills and develop their own businesses. Trainees worked with local master tradeworkers to learn on the job, complemented by formal training at the FOCCAD centre. This was a successful project which not only changed the lives of the participants, it also enhanced the capacity of FOCCAD as a local support organisation by enabling them to offer a wider range of training and support services.


In five years time, with my farming and tailoring, I will be a powerful business woman

Clara Chabula,
Blessings Tailoring Group, Zambia

Foundation for Community and Capacity Development (FOCCAD)

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