Aspirations for the future

In October our in-country Zambia Officer, Sue met with 30 graduates who completed their training delivered by our partners KEVTC and ELIASHIB.

Aspirations for the future

Empowered with skills and tools, some of the graduates share their inspirational hope and aspirations for their businesses and lives over the next five years.


“I just want to be… the best designer employing other people.” Mercy

Hazel and Mercy in their workshop

Mercy and Hazel run their successful tailoring business making bags, curtains and soft furnishings after graduating in December 2018. They both have young sons aged under five.

When asked how they felt about gaining their TEVETA certificate:“It was such an exciting a moment to see that you have accomplished something” – Hazel

“I am  able to get some money for myself and even help our parents as before we relied on our husbands.” Hazel

In the next five years they want to improve their skills and be recognised as established designers.


Whiteson wants to share his carpentry skills to empower others

“It is good when you are working you have your own money to use for your self.”

Whiteson trained as a carpenter with KEVTC and now has big aspirations to have his own workshop so he can share what he has learnt with others.

He graduated with his TEVETA level 2 Carpentry certification, after sitting a written and practical exam, and told us “it felt good receiving my certificate”. 



Mary “its good to be busy”

“Now I can work for myself, have my own money.”

Before training in tailoring skills Mary used to help her mum sell cakes. She told us that she loved the training and can now make most clothing garments. Shes using her additional income to save to help her buy additional material.

We asked Mary about her plans for the future;  “I want to be able to employ others”, and “I want to have a big workshop in town.”


Patrick trained in bricklaying with KEVTC


Patrick learnt bricklaying and plastering skills with KEVTC, and is now working as a site foreman supervising 15 people.

“We appreciate the tools the tools you gave us last year they have helped us a lot.”

In the future he plans to get bigger projects and to “Continue helping the vulnerable so that they can have opportunities like us.”



Lumuno is an empowered woman with big plans for her and her child’s future

“It felt very great on graduation to get a certificate and tool kit.” Lumuno trained in tailoring with ELIASHIB. When she was younger she wanted to train to be a nurse but she had a child, and could not afford the course.

Before training she was selling ice pops but told us “I was not earning enough … and I wanted to learn something that would help me look after myself and my child”.

The biggest change Lumuno since graduating is “I have gained my own financial independence. You can make plans and you can earn something on your own.

In three years time she would also like to set up a grocery shop selling different goods, and she will continue tailoring at her stall.


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