Tools for Self Reliance in the UK

Tools for Self Reliance has an active programme of work in the UK which supports its Africa programme. We rely on our network of volunteers for much of this work. The costs associated with the UK programme are funded mostly from individual and group donations.

The team spirit and friendship which has evolved has been a source of great pleasure to myself and others on the team.Stuart Smith, Reading refurbishing group

People from all walks of life and with a range of skills and abilities work together to make it all happen. At our Netley Marsh headquarters, on the edge of the New Forest, there are around two hundred volunteers who help us with all types of work. Many have very little experience but quickly learn from other, more experienced volunteers. We have a fully equipped workshop and warehouse at Netley Marsh. We always have vacancies for volunteers.

Around 800 volunteers help us with collecting tools, refurbishing tools (our groups), fundraising and raising awareness about Tools for Self Reliance’s work.

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