Guide to tool refurbishing

The tools we send to Africa have to meet stringent quality standards. Our guide to tool refurbishing tells you what standards we are looking for.

This guide also includes notes on kit box making which explain how to make the boxes that the tools go in.

Refurbishing sheets

Our refurbishing sheets offer advice on how to refurbish specific tools and these can be read in conjunction with the general refurbishing guide.

pdf Grinding and sharpening wood chisels and plane blades (810 kB)
pdf Saws for woodworking (1060 kB)
pdf Sharpening brace bits and twist drills (1755 kB)
pdf Sharpening axes and hatchets (725 kB)
pdf Sharpening knives (528 kB)
pdf Sharpening scissors (362 kB)
pdf Grinding screwdrivers (462 kB)
pdf Hammers (805 kB)
pdf Refurbishing blowlamps
pdf Basic cleaning of saws, screwdrivers and trysquares

If you still have any questions about tool quality, please contact Ian or Jon in our UK team.

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