Janet Zulu & Patricia Mukuba

Neither Janet or Patricia had any formal training or qualifications before starting tailoring training with Eliashib Women’s Centre and Tools for Self Reliance. As well as learning practical skills – taking measurements, cutting and sewing techniques, and pattern design – they also valued the business management training. Learning about planning and capital, and the importance of location and marketing of a business has been really important in setting up their own enterprise, Lets Work Together.

They have already started taking orders for independence celebrations and school uniforms, and have opened a bank account. Saving is important to the group, and they are working towards having their own premises. They have a contact who makes beaded jewellery, and have explored sharing space with her when they open a shop to attract a wider range of customers. Janet said this planning is important to the success of Lets Work Together, and having a plan means “you know where you started, and you know where you’re going.”


I now feel like I can do anything

Faith Makuba,
Faith Tailoring Group

Janet Zulu & Patricia Mukuba

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