Sewing machine manual

How to Refurbish Sewing Machines is a step-by-step guide to refurbishing Singer sewing machines. It has been designed for both new refurbishers and experienced refurbishers alike. New modules will be added as they are completed. We recommend you start off by reading the whole of Section 1. You can then dip into other modules for further information as required.

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Section 1: Getting started
pdf Introduction … Using the manual and the helpful paperwork (471 kB)
pdf The machines we send and the ones we don’t (280 kB)
pdf Tools and materials you will need (168 kB)
pdf Recognising the parts of a sewing machine (391 kB)
pdf Understanding how a sewing machine works (299 kB)
Section 2: Refurbishing
pdf The case (145 kB)
pdf The handle mechanism (148 kB)
pdf The balance wheel (383 kB)
pdf The bobbin winder (807 kB)
pdf The machine top (801 kB)
pdf The tension mechanism (2.07 MB)
pdf The head (973 kB)
pdf The lower bobbin area (1.51 MB)
pdf The underside (2.10 MB)
pdf The sewing test – NEW! (1.86 MB)
pdf Advanced techniques – NEW! (4.94 MB)
Section 3: Using sewing machine attachments
Using sewing machine attachments has been developed to assist trainers and students. As it is 26 pages long, it may be better to print individual sections or pages for training purposes or view it through a screen

Using sewing machine attachments

When refurbishing hand sewing machines please refer to the following documentation in addition to the sewing machine manual. The existing paperwork has changed slightly. You are asked to complete a current checklist and record sheet for all refurbished sewing machines sent to Netley Marsh.

pdf Notes for group sewing machine refurbishers (85 kB)
pdf Refurbishing checklist (65 kB)
pdf Treadle base checklist (79 kB)
pdf Refurbishing record sheet (53 kB)
pdf Notes on haberdashery bags (45 kB)

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