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With every carpenter equipped and trained, with every new business nurtured, Tools for Self Reliance moves one step closer to putting the rural poor of Africa on the path to prosperity and self-reliance. It doesn’t stop there – by volunteering with Tools for Self Reliance people in the UK are able to benefit too.

Muthimba Jackson needs metalwork kits so that his organisation can extend its self-help projects which have already helped many women and young people acquire valuable vocational skills in tailoring, carpentry, and shoe-repairing in Uganda.

David Mgomba requires bicycle repair kits so that his group can effectively carry out its work of manufacturing hand-operated tricycles for people with disabilities in his local community in Tanzania.

Bill values the comradeship, banter and spirit of self help which his local tool refurbishing group fosters and Corinne decided that any volunteering project which causes such an infectious joy had to be worth a try. Here’s how you can help.

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