Tools for Self Reliance in Africa

We’ve always believed that people working and living in their own country, people who know their own situation, are best placed to decide what is useful to them and what isn’t. So we work with local African (partner) organisations to bring about effective change in their communities.

We trust our partners to make the right decisions and we strive for cooperation and mutual respect in all we do. Consequently there are no Tools for Self Reliance staff working in Africa.

I am able to make axes and hammers with precision. I used to buy hammers for my workshop while it is now possible for me to make them for myself and sell to others.

Mohamed Mkeni, Pwani, Tanzania

We work with partners in Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Because of our size we get many more requests than we can fulfil. Although our focus is to work with our partners in these six countries we can sometimes supply tools to other organisations if the tools form part of a larger development programme.

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